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Welcome to School of Metallurgical Engineering

The history of School of Metallurgical Engineering(SOME) can be traced back to MetallurgyDepartment of Maanshan Institute of Iron and Steel Technology in 1977. The past 4 decades have witnessed the development of the school as well as the university, which can be reflected in the name changes: Metallurgical Engineering Department of Maanshan Institute of Iron and Steel, Metallurgical Engineering Department of East China Institute of Metallurgy, School of Metallurgy and Materials, and School of Metallurgy and Resources of Anhui University of Technology(AHUT). In 2013, after a new round of discipline adjustment, it was renamedSchool of Metallurgical Engineering(SOME) and continued to the present day. As one of the first academic units in(AHUT) to carry out the undergraduate enrollment and education and grant masters and doctoral degrees, SOME has received numerous awards, including the Order of Commendation from Anhui Provincial People's Government, National Worker's Pioneer Unit, Advanced Collectives in Anhui Education System and Advanced Primary Organization of CPC, etc.

SOME consists of 4 departments and 1 experimental center: Department of Metallurgical Engineering, Department of Material Forming and Control Engineering, Department of Nonferrous Metallurgy, Department of Resource Processing and Recycling and Metallurgical Experimental Center. Currently it offers 4 undergraduate programs, namely Metallurgical Engineering, Material Forming and Control Engineering, Resource Processing and Recycling and Mineral Processing Engineering, and the former two are on the list of national characteristic specialty. Besides, the School has national outstanding engineers experimental specialties and national comprehensive pilot in metallurgical engineering. SOME holds a first-tier doctoral program(Metallurgical Engineering ), a post-doctoral research station conducting work on these fields, a second-tier doctoral program(Materials Processing Engineering ), an interdisciplinary master's program(Mining and Metallurgy Secondary Resources Engineering) and two professional master's program(Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Engineering). In 2015 Metallurgical Engineering passed the China Engineering Education Accreditation conducted by the Ministry of Education, and in 2019 Material Forming and Control Engineering has been designated the National First-class Profession construction point.

SOME now has 128 faculty members,including 119 full-time teachers, 26 professors, 50 associate professors, 14 doctoral supervisor and 89 master tutors, among whom 99 teachers hold PhD degrees. We have 5 recipients of State Council Special Allowance and Government Allowance of Anhui Province, 4 academic and technical leaders of Anhui Province and 2 candidates, 1 National Outstanding Teacher, 1 Anhui Provincial Outstanding Teacher, and 2 Anhui Provincial New Teaching Talents. The excellent integrated teaching team has successively earned a wide range of honors, including National Outstanding Teacher, Anhui Provincial Outstanding Teacher, Baosteel Outstanding Teacher, National "Person of the Year" in Metallurgical Education and Anhui May-First labour Medal.

There are 2244 full-time students in SOME, including 48 PhD students, 286 postgraduates, 1543 undergraduates and 367 junior college students. The junior college students are from the majors of Metallurgical Technology and Metal Pressing in two school-enterprise joint training programs, one is “1+2” mode with Baosteel and the other is “2+1”mode with Zenith Steel Group Company. In 2019, the admission rate for postgraduate entrance examination is 50.58%, and the data is 46.88% in 2020, both rating NO.1 in AHUT overall in two consecutive years. Adhering to the student-centered idea in talent development, SOME lays great stress on developing students’ social responsibility, innovative spirit and practical ability. With emphasis on the students’ overall quality and sustainable development ability, SOME has yield the substantial results. Our students frequently win the scholarships at different levels, and the creative training has received public praise as we obtained excellent results for several successive years in the national and provincial competitions like China College Students' Entrepreneurship Competition and The Challenge Cup, including the National Grand Prize, National Gold,Silver and Bronze Medals. Every year SOME students obtain 20 more authorized patents, and undertake nearly 10 national innovation and entrepreneurship training programs and 20 at the provincial level.

SOME has many key Discipline platforms including Anhui Provincial A-class key discipline, National Engineering Center of Efficient and Comprehensive Utilization of Metal Mineral Resources(cooperated with Masteel, Tongling Nonferrous Metals Group Holding Co., Ltd and Sinosteel Maanshan General Institute of Mining Research), Anhui Key Laboratory of Metallurgical Engineering and Comprehensive Utilization of Resources, Anhui Collaborative Innovation Center of Clean and Efficient Utilization of Metallurgical Resources and Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education in Metallurgical Emission Reduction and Comprehensive Utilization of Resources. In recent years, we have undertaken 60 more national projects including the key, general and youth research programs supported by National Natural Science Foundation and the plan projects supported by National Science and technology, and 20 more provincial projects including those supported by Anhui Science and Technology Key Projects Fund an by Nature Science Research Project of Anhui province, with an average annual research expenditure of 17 million yuan. SOME have won 2 National Science and technology Progress Awards and 15 Ministerial and Provincial-Level Science and Technology Awards, obtained 60 invention patents, transferred 36 technical achievements and published nearly 500 papers, including 300 in the national journals and 200 more included in SCI and EI.

Since 1977, we have trained 8000 more undergraduates, 600 more postgraduates and PhDs, keeping the high employment rate of more than 98%. SOME is now an important base in training metallurgical engineering and technical talents with its graduates working in the steel enterprises, scientific institutions, design institutes and universities the whole country, many of whom have become the famous scholars and experts in the educational and research field of metallurgy.

(Updated on October 31, 2020)